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Learn About a Certificate Secured Loan

What Are the Details of the Certificate Secured Loan?

Secured loans are a great flexible loan option because you determine the amount of money you can borrow based on your own investing habits while avoiding costly fees that slow you down.
Our Certificate Secured loan allows you to borrow between $500 and $250,000 up to 90% of your Truliant certificate's funds at a low, fixed rate.

Product Details

  • You only have to pay back this loan when the certificate used as collateral matures, providing you flexibility to meet your needs
  • Save more money with a low, fixed rate and reach your goals quicker
  • Your certificate continues to earn interest during the term of the loan to help reduce the cost of your loan
  • There's only one payment due at the end of the loan and you don't have to account for regularly monthly payments; plus, pay off the loan early without penalty for greater convenience

Fees and Terms

  • Rate determined by your certificate rate plus 3%
  • IRA, Dollar Dog and Flex certificates do not qualify for this loan