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Recurring Loan Payments

What Ways Can I Make a Loan Payment?

You can make loan payments in multiple ways:

  • Transfer funds using Online Banking or Tru2Go app
  • Use Credit Card in Online Banking or Tru2Go app to pay with a credit card
  • Use an outside account through our Online Loan Payment Service (free in Online Banking or Tru2Go app)
  • In person at a branch or shared branch
  • By mail
  • Call us at 800.822.0382 ($10 fee to pay by phone)

How Do I Set Up Monthly Payments?

You can set up recurring automatic payments through Bill Pay or our Online Loan Payment Service depending on the bill type. Certain restrictions may apply. Visit our Digital Banking page to see how to pay bills online.

To pay from a Truliant account:

  1. Log into online banking or the Tru2Go mobile app.
  2. Within online banking, select Transfer from the top of the Accounts page. In the Tru2Go mobile app, select Make a Transfer from the bottom navigation menu, then select Schedule and Schedule a Transfer.
  3. Select the From and To accounts (To account would be your desired loan account) and enter the amount you would like to transfer.
  4. Within online banking enter the desired transfer date and check the box for Repeat Transfer. In the Tru2Go app, choose frequency details and select Done.
  5. Verify that your transfer details are correct, then select Schedule and Confirm.
  6. Once you have confirmed, we will let you know your scheduled transfer is complete. For more information and helpful visuals, use our click-by-click Internal/External Transfers demo

To pay from a non-Truliant account:

  1. Log into online banking or the Tru2Go mobile app.
  2. Select Additional Services and Online Loan Payment Service from the main navigation menu.
  3. Choose the loan you wish to pay and select Continue.
  4. Click Manage next to Automatic Payment Settings.
  5. Select + Setup and enter payment details including the amount, frequency, next payment date and end date.
  6. Confirm and/or save payment details and authorize payment.

Haven’t signed up for Online Banking yet? With online banking, you can view your account history, make online transfers, and access Bill Pay and digital Statements & Documents...and more! All from the comfort of your own home.