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Money Management with the TRU2GO app

What Is the Money Management Feature in Online/Mobile Banking?

Money Management is a feature-rich, free, intuitive interface that allows you to take better control of your finances than ever before! Features include:

  • A central financial hub where all accounts are present in a single, intuitive visualization with a great mobile experience
  • Budgeting tools to help you create, and stick to, a foundation for reaching financial goals
  • Debt payoff forecasting to guide you as you plan, and stay ahead of the game
  • Detailed net worth analysis and tracking to help you set and maintain targets
  • Expanded goals like savings and retirement that allow you to monitor progress
  • A cash flow calendar to keep you on track with your daily spending
  • Improved auto-categorization of spending categories and trends for added convenience
  • Custom text alerts, so you get important information without having to login
  • Direct member support with responses guaranteed within one business day
  • Information that is refreshed constantly, so you always see an accurate financial picture

To access Money Management in online banking, simply login to your online banking account, click on the Manage Money tab and select Money Management.

This feature is now available in Tru2Go mobile banking!
Simply log in to the Tru2Go mobile banking app from your mobile device and select Money Management from the ‘More’ menu. The past 18 months of your information will automatically transition from FinanceWorks to Money Management. However, for security purposes, you will need to re-enter your login information and passwords for each external account. Additionally, fresh categories, goals and alerts will have to be setup.

How Long Does an External Transfer Take?

A regular External Transfer will take one to two business days to complete. Please note that the completion of a transfer, including the availability of funds in the destination account and access to the transaction details, will depend in part upon how quickly the institution updates your account details.