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Money Market Account

What Is a Money Market Account and How Do I Open One?

A money market account is a long-term savings account with tiered interest rates. This type of account offers immediate accessibility to funds. These accounts reward you for your steady habits. The higher your balance, the higher your returns. You can withdraw money at any time with up to six electronic or telephone withdrawals per month, and you'll never pay a maintenance fee as long as you meet the minimum balance requirements.

Money Market Account Options:

  • Select
  • Select Plus
  • Investors

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Feel free to visit one of our Member Financial Centers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, or call our Contact Center at 800.822.0382 to get started today.

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How Do I Lock My Money Market Account?

To place a freeze on your account, call 800.822.0382 and a member service representative will help you.