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Truliant Ranked No. 1 N.C. Credit Union in Member Value Index

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (October 30, 2018) – Truliant Federal Credit Union was recently identified as the top credit union in North Carolina returning the most value to its members by Callahan & Associates.

Developed by Callahan & Associates, the Return of the Member (ROM) Index identifies the credit unions in each state that return the most value to their members. The metric uses savings, lending, and product usage to quantify member value and assign a score to every credit union in the United States. Truliant scored a point total of 93 based on the index.

Credit unions across the country use their ROM score to set member-facing goals and hold staff accountable to better serve members. It provides a comprehensive scoring system of member value that looks beyond the traditional safety and soundness issues covered by the National Credit Union Administration’s CAMEL scores and other regulators’ measures.

It captures all aspects of a members’ relationship with a credit union using a calculation that considers three core functions: Return to Savers (savings), Return to Borrowers (lending), and Member Service Usage (product usage).

Based in Washington, D.C., Callahan & Associates, a three-decade old lending research, analytics, networking and consulting solutions firm, is dedicated to supporting the credit union industry.


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