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Truliant CEO Marc Schaefer receives CCUF Lifetime Achievement Award

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (March 28, 2019) The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation recently named Truliant Federal Credit Union CEO Marc Schaefer as its 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has dedicated their life to promoting the credit union philosophy, created innovative concepts and exhibited leadership that has made a significant and lasting impact in the credit union movement on a local, national and/or international stage. Schaefer was recognized for his imprint on advocacy and Truliant’s workplace culture, his dedication to community and his work as a steadfast champion of the credit union movement. 

“During his career, Marc has distinguished himself as an outstanding leader, with contributions that paved the way for how credit unions are perceived,” said Lauren Whaley, president of the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation. “His energetic focus on doing what’s best to meet member-owner needs continues to create lasting value that fuels credit union growth today. We’re proud to celebrate his achievements.”  

Schaefer joined Truliant in 1995. He served as president and CEO until 2018. He is currently Truliant’s Chief Executive Officer. Schaefer’s list of credit union industry achievements spans three decades, and includes transformative efforts that have helped reshape and strengthen the credit union industry. 

Among those efforts, his impact spanned the multi-year fight to modernize credit union membership rules, building support for the passage of HR 1151, the Credit Union Membership Access Act, passed by congress and signed into law in 1998, which codified multiple common bonds among members at a national level. 

Schaefer built a model political involvement program at Truliant that created lasting relationships with state and federal legislators. With a career focused on doing what’s best for credit union member-owners, Truliant avoided the risky excesses that produced the financial bubble and developed a member-centric culture that led to growth and expansion – most recently with 10 new locations aimed at offering a better banking alternative to the Charlotte-Metro region. 

“To have played a role in efforts that realize our highest ideals as credit unions has truly been an honor,” Truliant’s Schaefer said. “This award recognizes the creation of life improving service that lets our members know they’re making the best choice by banking with a credit union.” 

The award was presented at the 2018 Carolinas Credit Union Foundation Awards Gala, in Charlotte, N.C. 


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