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  • Enrich your future with fixed, guaranteed returns on your investment
  • Certificates mature at different times to give you flexibility 
  • Create a laddering strategy for steady income and more peace of mind
  • Unlike other financial institutions, Truliant allows members to make scheduled deposits to certificates throughout the term!

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  • Certificate Laddering
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  • Truliant Certificates - Fixed, Guaranteed Returns

    Looking for the highest returns on a deposit account? Truliant's certificates are your perfect investment solution, with fixed dividends and flexible terms. Watch your savings grow over time with interest posted every month. At the end of the certificate's term, you're rewarded with additional income that you can reinvest in another certificate or withdraw to easily cover expenses.

    Unlike most institutions, we allow you to make scheduled deposits to certificates throughout the term for even better financial results. Truliant offers additional certificate options to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and financial needs. 

    Regular Certificates 

    • Flexible terms range from 3 to 60 months let you grow your savings up to the point you need the money
      • Open one with a $250 deposit and start building toward a more secure future

    14-Month Certificates

    • Allows you to make a one-time withdrawal penalty-free after the first 60 days

    24-Month Flex Certificates

    • Allows you to make over-the-counter deposits anytime for greater convenience 
    • Grow your savings even more by requesting a one-time rate increase* that will match the certificate’s current advertised rate, up to 1%

    48-Month Certificates 

    • Offers long-term growth at a higher rate


    Ready to Apply?

    When you're striving to reach your goals, Truliant helps you achieve them as your financial partner. To become a member, simply open a Membership Savings Account. This can be done online or at any of our Member Financial Centers. All members can open select Certificates by Scheduling an Appointment, by visiting one of our Member Financial Centers in North CarolinaSouth Carolina and Virginia, or by calling our Member Contact Center at 800.822.0382. Truliant is committed to providing the products and services members need to strengthen their finances and improve their lives.

    View our rates page for our latest deposit rates. Truliant is federally insured by NCUA.
    * You may increase your dividend to the rate in effect at the time of your request, one time prior to maturity, not to exceed 1% above the original rate.

  • Truliant helps you diversify your savings and investment portfolio with a laddering strategy that allows you to earn competitive rates while structuring your certificates so one is maturing every several months. This is a sensible way to invest extra money that you don't need to use immediately. 

    Laddering provides a steady source of money that is always growing at a fixed rate. You will never lose money on a Truliant certificate and the certificate is guaranteed to be more valuable once it matures. How's that for peace of mind and financial predictability? 

    Term Starting Amount Open Date Maturity Date
    6-month $2,500 2/1/2020 8/1/2020
    12-month $2,500 2/1/2020 2/1/2021
    24-month $2,500 2/1/2020 2/1/2022
    36-month $2,500 2/1/2020 2/1/20223
  • There are no maintenance fees associated with our certificates. However, an early withdrawal penalty applies if you take cash out of a certificate before its term is up:

    • Term of 3-6 months: 90 days of dividends or dividends since opening/renewal, whichever is less
    • Term of 12-36 months: 180 days of dividends or dividends since opening/renewal, whichever is less
    • Term of 48-60 months: 365 days of dividends or dividends since opening/renewal, whichever is less 

    Once your certificate's term is complete, you can withdraw your money without a penalty if you do so within seven calendar days. Certificates will renew automatically if you do not withdraw your money.