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Truliant Introduces Transparent Credit Card

Truliant's Transparent VISA CardWINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (October 7, 2020) — Truliant Federal Credit Union has re-launched its flagship Classic VISA® credit card with members in mind. Designed to be transparent, in more ways than one, the card gives cardholders more control of their spending.

Built with transparency and simplicity in mind, Truliant’s new Transparent Card is completely fee free.

In addition to a low rate, Truliant has removed all fees associated with the Classic VISA®, including late fees. Additionally, the card’s innovative design features a transparent center to make the benefits absolutely clear.

“There are so many cards on the market, many offering bonus points and bonus cash,” said Chris Murray, senior vice president, member experience and operations. “But the fees and the rate are typically very high. We listened to our members and wanted to make the credit card experience easier, more convenient and less complex. Our Transparent Card sends the message that you can find this with Truliant.”

The Transparent Card offers a familiar experience for Truliant cardholders: a credit card with a low variable rate APR and no annual fee, no late, over-the-limit, returned payment, balance transfer or cash advance fees.

“The best credit cards are built on transparency. This eye-catching card provides real savings and benefits for every day purchases,” said Murray. “We’re delivering value by giving consumers the features they prefer in a card. Choosing the right one has never been easier.”

Truliant’s most popular card now features a transparent center circle shadowed by Truliant’s yellow sunrays. Until year end, it will offer an introductory rate. Benefits also include account alerts, zero liability, fraud protection, credit limits up to $35,000 and same-day approvals.

“This card delivers value where it matters and differentiates us from large financial institutions. We believe it’ll be attractive to deal seekers this fall and during the holidays, as consumers look for ways to stretch their buying power throughout the season,” Murray said. 

The Transparent Card is easily accessed and managed within Truliant’s Tru2Go Online and Mobile Banking, where cardholders can view transactions, account history, pending transactions, make a payment and more. It can be added to mobile wallets for digital, contactless-use.

About Truliant Federal Credit Union
Truliant is a mission-driven, not-for-profit financial institution that promises to always have its member-owners’ best interest at heart. It improves lives by providing financial guidance and affordable financial services. Truliant was chartered in 1952 and now serves 261,000+ members. Truliant has more than 30 Member Financial Centers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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