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Truliant and Popular Personal Finance Podcaster Host, Chris Browning Launch Web Series

Chris Browning
Chris Browning
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (July 7, 2022) – Truliant Federal Credit Union announced today that it has partnered with personal finance expert Chris Browning. Browning is host of the popular Popcorn Finance podcast, dedicated to helping listeners understand their finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn.

Money Burst, sponsored by Truliant, is a new personal finance web series featuring useful short videos with tips and hacks to make managing money easier. The goal is to reach consumers by providing easily digestible information in an entertaining way – primarily in their social media feed. In the series, Browning speaks directly to the audience, offering knowledge and fast takes on how viewers can get their personal finances in order.

Chris Murray, chief member experience officer of Truliant noted that, “our mission is to improve lives and one way we do that is through education. We realized that in today’s always-on digital world, we had to find new ways to provide education. Having Money Burst show up in social media feeds on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn is how we are doing it.”

“It’s not just for our members. It’s for all consumers – there are no sales pitches or product pushes – just information to help live a better financial life,” he added.

Money Burst’s Browning said, “I know what it’s like to struggle with debt and to try and make ends meet each month. The pressure to reach so many financial goals can be overwhelming and make many of us ignore our money situation. It feels like there is just so much to know. It is my goal to be a trusted voice to breakdown the financial world and help steer you away from the traps and in to the life you want for yourself and your family. Money doesn’t have to be complicated and with Money Burst you’ll get straightforward and easy to understand financial information.”

New episodes air weekly and more than 20 episodes are currently available. Each is about 90 seconds in length, and focus on a singular idea. Recent episodes include topics including: “Should I Invest My Emergency Fund?”, “How do I build an emergency fund?”, “Pros and cons of the 'Debt Snowball' method.”, “Try a "no spending" day!” and “The best times to use a credit card.”

Murray added, “Chris has been creating great content for Money Burst since day one. We understand there are stumbling blocks on everyone’s personal financial journey. Chris has a relatable style that makes him fun to listen to. Our intent is to make each episode useful, easy to digest, and entertaining. With each episode we hope viewers learn something new.”

Browning has been working in the world of finance for more than 11 years and providing personal finance advice for over five years. He started Popcorn Finance in 2017, and more than one million episodes have been downloaded. It has won numerous awards and has been featured in Nerdwallet, the New York Times, Investopedia, Vice, CNBC, Forbes, the Los Angeles Times and countless other mediums. Subject matter ranges from how to recover from a financial fail to tips for earning freelance income.

To view the Money Burst series, visit;, or on YouTube:
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