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Senior Management Team

Meet the accomplished professionals who direct Truliant's day-to-day operations.

Truliant Senior Management Team
Beth Eller
Beth Eller, Senior Vice President, Mortgage Lending
Beth joined Truliant in 2019. She is responsible for the leadership, performance, growth, administration and strategic direction of Truliant Mortgage Services. She leads Truliant’s mortgage lending operations, and develops new services that best meet member needs.
Chad Frye (he/him)
Chad Frye (he/him), Senior Vice President, Facilities and Administrative Services
Chad Frye joined Truliant in 1993. He is responsible for all aspects of facilities management at Truliant, including facilities, general services, security, and vendor management. He oversees site selection, disposition of property, building design, new construction, repairs and maintenance, and the managing of lease renewals and landlord relationships.
Linell Johnson (he/him)
Linell Johnson (he/him), Senior Vice President, Controller
Linell Johnson joined Truliant in 1994. He is responsible for strategic and operational oversight of accounting, credit risk management, electronic funds and payment processing, and financial analysis departments. His oversight includes recommendations of operational strategies, financial performance in relationship to goals, budgeting and the financial wellbeing of the credit union. Additionally, he is responsible for performing risk analysis, fixed asset management, and ACH processing.
Steve Koelsch
Steve Koelsch, Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending
Steve Koelsch joined Truliant in 2021. He is responsible for strategic and operational oversight of Truliant’s Business Services. Koelsch oversees commercial and U.S. Small Business Administration lending, and Truliant’s regional offices in Greensboro and Charlotte, N.C.
Precious McCloud
Precious McCloud (she/her), SVP, Diversity & Social Responsibility
Precious McCloud joined Truliant in 2013. She is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of initiatives that advance Truliant’s diversity management capacity and its presence as a financial institution of choice.
Kim Alderman
Kim Alderman, Vice President, Member Experience, Branches
Kim Alderman joined Truliant in 2016. She oversees Truliant's network of more than 30 branches, including branch operations, supervision of regional and operational directors, associated product management, and overall branch administration and strategy. Additionally, she is responsible for the Truliant at Work Program, which provides our Business Partners with a robust financial education program to complement their employee benefits package. Alderman effectively ensures that all member interactions and transactions serve our mission to improve lives.
Tricia Beeker
Tricia Beeker (she/her), Vice President, Marketing
Tricia Beeker joined Truliant in 2018. She oversees Truliant’s traditional and digital marketing efforts, including advertising, public relations, social media, Truliant’s website, online and mobile banking platforms, and targeted promotional tactics. Tricia leads the development, planning, implementation and reporting of integrated marketing strategies by working closely with cross-functional teams throughout the organization to elevate Truliant’s mission and brand message.
Kenneth Bright
Kenneth Bright (he/him), Vice President, Organizational Development and Training
Kenneth Bright joined Truliant in 2012. He is responsible for constructing engaging employee experiences that directly impact the member experience and foster the credit union’s core values of Member Focus, Service, Guidance, and Relationships. His role encompasses all aspects of employee learning journeys, leadership development and building employee engagement programs that ensure the successful immersion of employees into Truliant’s workplace culture.
Jeremy Cline
Jeremy Cline, Vice President of Member Success and Loyalty
Jeremy Cline joined Truliant in 2006. He is responsible for organizing, planning and directing the activities of Truliant's member satisfaction, member relationship management, product strategy and development areas.
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson (he/him), Vice President, IT Enterprise Business Solutions
Ben Jackson joined Truliant in 2023. He is responsible for directing IT business solutions, including development and implementation of new systems, and managing cybersecurity risks. Jackson works to ensure IT strategy is aligned with Truliant’s overall business goals.
Don Jackson
Don Jackson, Vice President, SBA Lending
Don Jackson joined Truliant in 2020. He is responsible for growing the credit union’s Small Business Administration (SBA) loan portfolio, and development of SBA loan objectives, strategic direction, policies, and practices.
Michelle Jenkins
Michelle Jenkins (she/her), Vice President, Financial Fraud Investigation
Michelle Jenkins joined Truliant in 2023. She is responsible for the strategic oversight and architecture of Truliant’s fraud and loss mitigation strategies across all banking channels. Additionally, she oversees the development of policies and procedures to detect and prevent fraud activities. 
Zach Nichols
Zach Nichols, Vice President, Commercial Market Executive, Triad
Zach Nichols joined Truliant in 2021. Nichols oversees the growth and management of the credit union’s business loan portfolio in the Triad. He is responsible for increasing awareness of the regional business lending program and providing strategic direction to its lending team.
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell, General Counsel

Stuart Russell joined Truliant in 2022. He provides leadership for Vendor Management at Truliant and oversees its Legal Department.

Paul Southern
Paul Southern, Vice President, IT Infrastructure and Operations
Paul Southern joined Truliant in 2018. He is responsible for ensuring the effective build, rollout and operations of Truliant’s technology infrastructure. Southern works closely with senior management to implement technologies that support the credit union’s operational and strategic IT goals.
Tim Strom
Tim Strom, Vice President, Mortgage Loan Production
Tim Strom joined Truliant in 2023. Strom oversees mortgage production of Truliant’s retail mortgage lending officers team. He also specializes in team development, increasing production, and creating full-service options for the benefit of members.
Mark Testerman
Mark Testerman, Vice President, Member Experience, Contact Center
Mark Testerman joined Truliant in 2021. He is responsible for Truliant’s call center, overseeing strategic direction, operational effectiveness, new programs, and service levels. His oversight includes phone lending and member experience within phone, email, chat and third-party partners.
B.J. Whisler
B.J. Whisler, Vice President, Treasury
B.J. Whisler joined Truliant in March of 2020. He leads Truliant’s Treasury Department and chairs its asset and liability committee. In addition to managing Truliant’s investment securities portfolio, he provides expertise in market risk evaluations, securities and corporate liquidity and funding, pricing strategy, and capital planning.
Bart Willey
Bart Willey, Vice President, Commercial Market Executive, Upstate South Carolina
Bart Willey joined Truliant in 2022. He is responsible for leading Truliant’s Upstate commercial lending team and its regional business office. Willey is also responsible for developing outreach to businesses across the market.
Judy Wishnek
Judy Wishnek, Vice President, Commercial Market Executive, Charlotte
Judy Wishnek joined Truliant in 2019. She helps set strategic direction for Truliant’s commercial line of business, including enhanced product development. Wishnek oversees Truliant’s Charlotte business lending office, its regional business loan portfolio, and commercial real estate investments.

To contact a member of Truliant's Senior Management Team, email: [email protected]. This contact information is not to be used for vendor solicitation.

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