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SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: Due to system maintenance, you may experience intermittent availability when accessing Digital Banking on Sunday, February 9th from 12:30am - 4:30am EST.

Other FAQs

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It's important that you have all the information you need when managing your Truliant loans. Here we address popular topics so we can help guide your financial growth and improve your life.

General Truliant FAQs

What is Truliant's routing number? Truliant's routing and transit number is 253177832.

What is your holiday schedule? Visit our Holidays Page for all Truliant holidays.

How do I reach someone in a Member Financial Center? Our branches do not have direct lines due to the in-person experience being conducted on a daily basis. Our Member Contact Center is able to access and provide full account and loan information over the phone. If you need to contact someone directly at the branch that you are currently working with, please call our main number, 800.822.0382, and ask for one of our member services representatives. Once you are speaking with a representative over the phone, ask to be transferred to the individual you are attempting to reach at the branch.

Which Member Financial Centers are open on Saturday?

The following branch locations are open Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to Noon:

How do I qualify for membership with Truliant? At Truliant, we've helped more than 200,000 members improve their lives by strengthening their financial position. We serve communities and businesses based in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina. In addition, family members of existing Truliant members can qualify for membership.

I would like to obtain my credit score. I've heard about "free credit report" sites. How do I know which ones are really free? Both Member Contact Center and Member Financial Center staff can do a No-Cost Credit Review for any member. Truliant also suggests that members request a copy of their credit reports at least once every year by:

  • Going to It provides consumers with a centralized way to request credit reports instantly online, by telephone and by mail. The service was created by the three largest consumer credit reporting companies. is the only service authorized by Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union for this purpose. This service is only available once per year at no cost.
  • Requesting your credit report by mail. Complete and return the required request form.
       Mail the completed form to:

       Annual Credit Report Request Service
       P.O. Box 105281
       Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

What is shared branching? Participating credit unions offer their members the ability to access their accounts at other participating credit unions. The CO-OP Shared Branch ATM Network and CO-OP Shared Branch were created by credit unions that have joined forces to give their members the kind of financial convenience traditionally available only from big banks - all with the savings and personal service you expect from credit unions. Find other credit unions that participate in the CO-OP ATM, CO-OP Shared Branch or both.

When may I start using shared branching? All new Truliant members (with the exception of memberships with Balance Checking accounts) will be able to use shared branching after 90 days has passed from date the member joined.

How much can I withdraw from my account through shared branching? You are allowed to withdraw $1,000 cash per day through the shared branching network. You are allowed to withdraw $25,000 per day with official certified check.

If I am a shared branch member, what transactions are allowed at Truliant? We can conduct basic transactions on your shared branch account including official certified checks payable to the account holder in a maximum amount of $1,000. The cash withdrawal maximum per day is $1,000. You can deposit cash and checks payable into your account. You will need to bring an unexpired legal photo ID and provide the name of your credit union along with your member number for the shared branch account. 

Why can't I do shared branching transactions at the drive-through? The shared branching CO-OP network limits drive-through interactions for better security for each credit union's members. This is for the account holder's security.

What time do you close? As hours vary from branch to branch, please visit our Locations page to see what time our branches close.

How can I find my balance? There are multiple avenues to access your balance on accounts:

Do you offer tax preparation services?

Truliant offers TurboTax to its member-owners. TurboTax will help you decide which return is right for you by providing you with a range of options from a simple tax return to a complex small business return:
  • Prepare, print and e-File your simple federal return for FREE
  • Get the maximum refund you deserve
  • Includes Audit Support Center download
  • Get help and advice online with answers to your questions 24/7
Get your Fast Refund in as few as 8 days when you e-File and use direct deposit.

How do I print statements? You can print statements from your online banking log-in portal. If you are logged into your online account, click on Additional Services and find the link to e-Statements. After accessing your e-Statements within online banking, choose the printer icon on the PDF menu.

Can I wire money to another bank or country? How? Yes. Get more details on wire transfers in and out of your accounts.

What is a community charter? A community charter allows someone who lives, works, or worships in the surrounding community to be eligible for membership with us.

How can I get assistance with credit counseling or debt management? Our Member Service Specialists are trained to help restructure or rebuild your financial life. You can access our TruFinancial Checkup, No-Cost Credit Review and the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.

When I call Tru2Go Phone Banking, it asks for my account number. When I input my member number, it doesn't recognize my account. Why? You will need to contact one of our member service representatives. We may need to update your PIN/account number log-in information. 

Where can I find information about scholarships offered through Truliant? Our scholarship information is available online. The process typically starts around January 1 each year. 

What is a No-Cost Credit Review?

The No-Cost Credit Review is a comprehensive review of your Equifax credit report to help you understand how your credit score impacts your personal and financial life.

Where can I find your fee schedule? Our basic account fees are listed online and in our TISA disclosure brochure you can get from any of our branches. 

How can I make a stop-payment on a check or a transaction? You will need to call our Member Contact Center and speak with one of our member service representatives or you may come by any of our branch locations. There is a $20 fee to place a stop payment.

What is the difference between a credit union and a bank? Learn more about the differences.

How can I get discount tickets to amusement parks? Currently we do not provide discounts at any amusement park locations.

Do you have a night drop? Some of our branch locations have night drop boxes. Please see our branch locations and operations for which ones have this service. 

How do I exchange my change for cash? Some branch locations offer change counters. If you want to bring loose change, please see which location closest to you offers this service. If there is not a branch close to you that has a change-counter, any location will accept change that has been rolled. Please do not put any personal information on the rolls when you bring them in. Change rolls will be provided to you on request.

What kind of transactions can be handled at the drive-through? Basic member transactions can be handled, such as cashing checks, making deposits and withdrawing funds.

How can I exchange currency? Truliant is unable to exchange currency at this time.

How can I locate financial information for teens? We have a few options for teen accounts. We do minor accounts and custodial accounts. These accounts must have at least one adult on them and Truliant must be provided with the minor's Social Security card at time of opening. Find more information on our Accounts and Services page.

Can I change my mailing address online? Yes, once you log into online banking, click on Additional Services and click on the change of address form.

When should I choose "credit" when using my debit/check card for a purchase? It is safer to choose credit transactions for any debit card transaction unless you need cash back. Credit is secured by the VISA network, which backs each transaction in case of fraud or an incorrect amount is posted.

My VISA Credit/Debit card transaction has been declined. Who can I contact for assistance? Please contact our member services representatives or come into a branch for assistance with the card that has been declined.

If I have questions on how to invest my money, plan for retirement or any other financial planning, is there someone at Truliant who can give me advice? Yes. Please contact one of our financial advisors and we will set up a time to discuss your current needs in person or over the phone. 

I am a Truliant Member, and have been asked for the last four digits of my Member ID? Where can I find that?  The last four digits of your Member ID# can be found on your monthly statement or under "My Settings" in either online banking or the Tru2Go app.

Are there limits on the number or total amounts of checks using the Easy Deposit Mobile Check Deposit service?  While there is no limit on the number of checks deposited, there is a daily deposit amount limit ($2,500 for consumers, $20,000 for business) and a rolling 30-day deposit amount limit ($10,000 for consumers, $50,000 for business).


Contact us today if you have further questions. Or feel free to visit one of our Member Financial Centers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Truliant is committed to providing the products and services members in the Triad and beyond need to strengthen their finances and improve their lives.