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  • We love to know when member-owners are improving their lives and strengthening their financial situations because of their relationship with Truliant. In addition to having individuals submit testimonials, we also conduct regular member surveys. Below are some of our responses. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page to tell us about your experiences with Truliant!

    Just wanted to say how pleased I have been with Truliant. I used a large bank for many years and finally got tired of being nothing more than a number to them. At Truliant, I feel like part of a family. I also have saved money by avoiding all the fees the bank was charging. Thanks!
    Truliant helped get us started on a well-thought-out savings plan. They also have great customer service. They really do what's best for us and not what will make them the most money. Not once did they try to push another product at us.
    Nicole was getting married in a few months but needed money to cover wedding expenses. She came to Truliant for a loan. Initially, she asked for $8,000, but, keeping her best financial interest at heart, we suggested one for $4,500 with a low annual percentage rate. She still had questions about how the loan worked but wanted to close. Our loan officer asked questions, trying to determine how much money she would need. The officer asked if Nicole owned or rented her home and if she also owned a vehicle. After finding out that she owned a Toyota Highlander that is worth $10,650, we were able to refinance her vehicle and approve her for a $7,000 loan at a reduced rate. She was very happy with Truliant and thankful for coming to our Member Financial Center for a face-to-face visit. Just another example of fulfilling a need that helps improve the lives of our members.
    Lura visited Truliant with a problem: it was 30 degrees in her house when she woke up. Her heat pump had gone bad and she didn’t know what to do about it. She is on a fixed income and lives in a single wide trailer. We found out that the state of North Carolina has a program to put in heat pumps for those who are elderly and on a fixed income. One of our MFC representatives has a husband who works for a local heating and air company, so we sent their salesman out to talk to Lura about the program. She filled out the necessary paperwork for them and they put in a new heat pump. Lura later came back to Truliant to tell us she is truly blessed. Because it’s such an integral part of our culture at Truliant, sometimes even if we can’t help financially, we can help personally.
    Sharon needed $16,000 to replace the roof of her home and install a new air conditioning unit. After gaining a deeper understanding of her extensive debt and credit issues, we discussed the equity in her personal vehicle and another vehicle financed by a high interest rate with an equally high payment. We put together two loan applications to utilize the equity in each vehicle. In the end, we paid off both auto loans, her credit cards and cut Sharon’s monthly payments on these debts from nearly $1,600 in half. By consolidating her debt, Sharon saved more than $800 a month and was able to obtain $7,000 to replace the roof – she said the air conditioner could wait. Because of Truliant’s consultative lending culture, we can truly make a difference.
    Reba’s husband had been extremely sick and was out of work for about six months. She’d liquidated some long-term savings to pay medical expenses, but household bills kept piling up and they were at the point of losing everything. She needed help. To look for possibilities, we sat down with her and reviewed her credit in a No-Cost Credit Review. After reviewing an old loan application and current account status we came up with a plan to get her feet back on the ground and take care of her recovering husband. We were able to refinance her current home equity and vehicles, while also pulling all the available equity from each to consolidate her monthly bills from 15 to four, lowering her monthly payments from $2,519 to $1,145. They gained an additional monthly cash flow of $1,374 for groceries, utilities and his medicine for his recovery. The average interest rate was low and after the consolidation, the rates are now low too. We knew Reba was relieved when we saw the relief in her eyes and the way her shoulders began to relax.
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