LOCATIONS CLOSED: Our Peace Haven Member Financial Center is temporarily closed due to a power outage. Check back here for updates. All other locations are operating under normal business hours. Access your accounts and more with Truliant’s Tru2Go ATMs, and online and mobile banking tools.
System Unavailability:
Easy Pay, our Bill Payment service, is unavailable in our Tru2Go Mobile Application and in Online Banking .  We are working to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience. 
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Tru2Go Mobile Banking

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  • Truliant’s mobile banking options, the Tru2Go app, Mobile Web and SMS Text, deliver the power and flexibility you need to access your accounts from the convenience of your mobile device. It's the ideal banking solution to make your life easier. We also give you the option of depositing checks online using your smartphone or desktop scanner at home or in the office using our Easy Deposit service.

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of the services below, you must be signed up for online banking.

    Mobile Banking

    Benefits you when

    • Get convenient and secure access to your accounts – anywhere, anytime
    • View your accounts and balances using your smartphone
    • Transfer funds between your accounts or make a loan payment

    Download Our Tru2Go App

    Benefits you when

    • You want to access your accounts using most Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Kindle Fire devices.
    • You want the flexibility to access your accounts and deposit checks no matter where you travel
    • You want to save time and money
    • You want to conveniently pay and manage bills.
    • You want to find the nearest ATM or Truliant Members' Financial Center with maps.

    Mobile Web

    Benefits you when 

    • You want to use any smartphone with a mobile browser for quick visual access of your accounts.
    • You need to conveniently pay and manage bills.
    • You want to find the nearest ATM or Truliant Members' Financial Center.
    • You want to check our great rates.

    SMS Text

    Benefits you when 

    • You want to use any mobile phone with no data plan required.
    • You want quick text responses
    • You want quick transfers

    Easy Deposit

    Benefits you when 

    • You want to deposit checks easily while using your smartphone
    • You want to save time and money while making deposits securely
    • You want the flexibility to deposit up to 25 checks per month free of charge
  • Which one is right for you? Take a look at the comparison table below to help you decide.

      Text Messaging Mobile Web Tru2Go App
    Check Account Balances checkmark checkmark checkmark
    View Recent Transactions checkmark checkmark checkmark
    Transfer Funds checkmark checkmark checkmark
    Cross Member Transfers   checkmark checkmark
    Pay Bills1   checkmark checkmark
    Locate a Branch to ATM   checkmark checkmark
    Use it for free2 checkmark checkmark checkmark
    Easy to use checkmark checkmark checkmark
    Access securely checkmark checkmark checkmark
    Check Rates   checkmark  
    Deposit Checks     checkmark
    Get Rewards     checkmark
    (1) You must have an Online Bill Payment account and payees set up in Online Banking in order to pay bills using the Mobile Web or Tru2Go services. (2) Other charges may apply. Please check your text/data plan with your mobile provider.
  • Please keep in mind, mobile devices are susceptible to malware, just like computers. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself while using your mobile devices:

    • Only download apps from trusted sources. Primary app services such iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Appstore use strict security standards to reduce the risk of malware in the apps they offer. Third party sites may not use the same scrutiny in approving apps. Downloading apps from third party services may expose your mobile device to malware which could be used to capture your mobile banking credentials.
    • Look at anti-virus options for your mobile device. Go to major anti-virus providers to see if they have a mobile offering. This can help identify malware that may already be on your device and help prevent malware from being installed
    • Please be aware that unlocking or hacking your mobile device could increase your exposure to malware. If you do chose to use an unlocked or hacked device, please follow the same advice about only downloading apps from trusted sources.
    • Never save your login credentials for secured sites on any device.
    • Please do not provide your login credentials to anyone. Lenders and other institutions do not need it for any purpose.

    If you suspect you have become a victim of any kind of identity theft, contact Truliant immediately at 800.822.0382.