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System Maintenance:
Due to scheduled maintenance on Sunday, September 9, 2018 between 6:00am and 2:00pm ET, Truliant's Easy Deposit check deposit feature will be intermittently unavailable.  If you encounter an error, please logout and login again.  Extended maintenance for Online Banking, Tru2Go Mobile and Tablet Applications on Sunday, September 9,2018 beginning at 12:00am - 5:00am ET.
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Online Banking

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  • Overview
  • Online Security
  • Truliant makes it easier than ever to manage your money from anywhere, 24/7!  Simply log in to our online banking suite of services from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. With Tru2Go™, you can instantly monitor, transfer and/or use the funds in your account, deposit checks from a mobile device and much more - quickly, easily and securely. Not yet taking advantage of online banking? It's easy for our members to sign up -  and even easier to use! 

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    Online Banking Login

    Online Payments & Transfers

    Benefits you when

    • You want the convenience of moving your money automatically
    • You want more freedom to take care of your financial tasks 
    • You want more security by moving money electronically instead of through the mail
    • You want quickness and simplicity while saving time and money


    Benefits you when

    • You want to eliminate the clutter of paper statements
    • You want to receive your statements electronically so they arrive faster than paper statements
    • You want enhanced security for your account information 
    • You want to easily consolidate your statements and find information quickly

    Get Cash Back

    Benefits you when

    • You want to make your debit card work harder
    • You want to earn cash back by participating in special offers from your favorite retailers
    • You want to save money on everyday purchases using your debit card
    • You want the flexibility of choosing which deals to redeem

    Money Management and Connectivity

    • An easy and convenient way to manage personal finances
    • Track your spending and saving with greater accuracy
    • Get free access through your online banking account

    Tax Preparation & e-Filing

    Benefits you when

    • Easy, convenient way to file your federal taxes
    • Get answers to your questions and professional support
  • How Can You Stay Safe Online?

    Use up-to-date devices and technology

    • Older devices typically use unsupported web browsers that have security risks.
    • Older, unsupported browsers might not be able to access websites that use HTTPS (indicating a secure website session)
    • As of February 25, 2019, the Tru2Go app and Online Banking will not be accessible from the following devices and operating systems:
      • Mobile Devices
        • Android devices version 4.4.4 and below
        • Apple iOS devices using Safari versions 5 and below
        • Windows Phone using Internet Explorer Mobile versions 10 and below
      • Desktop Devices
        • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 when using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 10 or below
        • Apple OS X using Safari Versions 8 or below

    Protect your computer

    • Use virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware protection
    • Keep your security software up-to-date
    • Password protect your desktop
    • Make sure your firewall is enabled at all times
    • Restrict your child’s activity and web-surfing
    • Never allow access into your PC by someone directing you to a website and asking you to download software

     Protect your identity

    • Never save your passwords in form filler programs, inside of browsers or on your computer
    • Choose passwords that are not easy to guess like birthdays, pet names, etc.
    • Utilize the Verified by Visa service when shopping online
    • Monitor your account transactions regularly
    • Shred unwanted documents that may contain sensitive information
    • Don't provide your login credentials to anyone. Lenders and other institutions don't need to log in to your account.

     Think before you click

    • Don’t open emails sent from sources that you are not familiar with. 
    • Avoid advertisements requesting credit card information or social security numbers
    • Download images & free music can be potentially malicious
    • Choosing work from home careers can be tricky.  Be wary of job duties that require you to process mail or financial transactions from home.

     What to do if your identity is stolen

    • Contact Truliant immediately at 800.822.0382 for further assistance with blocking cards or obtaining new account numbers if information was inadvertently provide to an unknown source

    Notify one of the three credit reporting agencies           

    • Experian – 888.397.3742
    • Transunion – 800.916.8800
    • Equifax – 800.525.6285